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Workflows allow you to automate notifications and reminders. A workflow can be attached to different event types, has one specific trigger event, and can have several action steps. For example, you can use workflows for sending email or SMS reminders before an event starts to the person who booked the meeting to avoid no-shows.

Workflows can also be used for sending follow-up emails or SMS messages to the attendee after a meeting ends. That could be a feedback survey, providing some additional information to the meeting, or just a simple thank you note.

Each Workflow is made up of a single trigger and one or more actions. Triggers include things like the cancellation of an event, start times, end times, and new bookings.

ownerobjectoneOf: WorkflowOwnerOrg, WorkflowOwnerUser-
namestringmaxLength: 256, minLength: 0Workflow name
triggerobject-Workflow trigger
actionsarraymaxItems: 32, minItems: 0Array of objects
tagsobject-Arbitrary key/value collection. Useful for API users to store metadata.
typestring-Type of workflow. Used for discriminator mapping.


  • propertyName: type
  • mapping: AfterConfirmingBookingWorkflow -> PutAfterConfirmingBookingWorkflowRequest

Required Properties:

  • actions
  • name
  • owner
  • trigger
  • type